In 1928, George A. Benta recognized a need in the Harlem Community and in a small way, he tried to fulfill it. Although he was hampered in many ways because of economic circumstances, he possessed a strong respect and sense of brotherhood for the members of his community. Always motivated by this respect and brotherhood, he committed himself to conduct his business with a quality of service which would be unrivaled. Together with his wife, Helena M Benta, a licensed funeral director, who died in 1951, Mr. Benta led the Benta Funeral Home through 38 years of continuous growth, until his death in 1966. Continuing the tradition of quality service, his successor, George B Benta. He assumed the weighty reins of ownership and was responsible for ensuring that Benta’s Funeral Home continued stellar reputation with quality and service being their number one priority. He remained current in the funeral industry and Chair Emeritus until his passing in 2013. Celebrating over 80 years of service to the community, the next generation of Benta’s has taken helm. George Jason A. Benta, the great-grandson of George A., works to differentiate his family’s business from all new comers as well as the old ways. Jason Benta has invested in the future by adding new technology and advanced systems while honoring the traditions of his family’s beloved funeral industry.