We provide any services necessary to help you through this time

  • Notary Public
  • Assistance with selecting type of memorial service
  • Assistance with filing paperwork, including insurance claims
  • Coordinating with clergy
  • Acquiring cemetery property
  • Cremation services
  • Livery services
  • Assistance with composing obituaries
  • Assistance with selecting programs
  • Assistance with selecting floral arrangements
  • Assistance with selecting caskets, urns
  • Assistance with selecting burial clothes
  • Hair care services

All amenities are complimentary

  • Individualized services- honor the life and interests of the individual
  • Family Suite, which allows family members to have privacy away from the viewing
  • TV/DVD
  • Apple computer
  • Music tablet
  • Surround sound
  • Life Series
  • DVD Tribute - allows everyone at the viewing to share in the individual's life through a DVD presentation featuring special photographs of a loved one. The DVD tribute is given to the family after the presentation.
  • Web-Casting - allows family and friends, who are unable to attend the service, an opportunity to see the funeral service at our chapel
  • Digi-Tribute offers a 360 perspective on an individual and their influence to be shared and stored allowing future generations to discover the significance of their family's legacy. Topics can be selected based on personal relationship and a video or audio 'Digi-Tribute' created and shared to express how a person made an impact on their life. These tributes are collected, screened and individually edited into a seamless video incorporated with photos and music. The final product is approved by the family and emailed to participants. This is an opportunity to honor a loved one with more than flowers.